Spa and Wellness Travel to Vrnjačka Banja

18 Oct 2015

In Vrnjačka Banja, there’s something for everyone! Health and relaxation, natural attractions, wineries, culture and history for couples, families or friends.

Water sources in this idyllic, lush, peaceful little town of Vrnjačka Banja said to cure the almanac all metabolic (endocrine) and digestive disorders. Visitors still flock to this city of natural attractions, wineries, culture and history. Since Roman times, the city’s wonderful warm and cold mineral springs were used for its healing properties. Vrnjačka Banja specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases, including digestive disorders and diabetes. Facilities include mineral baths and pools, saunas, a range of health and beauty treatments. All visitors receive are offered medical supervision.



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The travel package include 7-, 10- or 14- days stay at the super cozy hotel Merkur Novi. The package includes the following:

• Flight & Hotel;

• Individual “Selfie” treatments;

• Medical advice;

• All service charges;

• Selected meals;

• Excursion/Entrance fees as per program;

• Ethnos Travel tour guide.


Departure: October 18th, 2015.


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Vrnjacka Banja offer


Travel information:

Olga Lola Amvon, Ethnos Travel, Arrangör och reseledare, 070 847 8405

Jovanka Miljevic, SSBC, Rese Koordinator, 072 256 3570